Saturday, 1 November 2008

DISK connected - The Midlands Connection Xmas Special

Sat 26th December 2008 (Boxing Day)
Disk-connected presents….
‘The Midlands Connection’
Xmas Special
The Custard Factory Birmingham

DJ’sHazard (Ganja/Radius)

There are few artists who can claim to have shot to Drum & Bass fame as quickly, or as succinctly as Birmingham based DJ Hazard. In just a few short years this incredibly talented producer has knocked out enough dance floor bombs to be considered a serious sonic terrorist, adding to the noise pollution problems of neighbourhoods around the world with his uncompromisingly tight beats and earth-quaking basslines.

Devize (3D Mode/Radius), The Force (Dstyle/rebelbass) b2b Alpha (Second City), Gold & Capitol P (Coologik/Disk-connected), Escape b2b P.A (Muzik Hurtz), Stanza (Random Concept Comp Winner)

Bassman (Raveology), Biggie (Raveology), Magika (Raveology), DAP (Random Concept Comp Winner), Hidro & Tempo, General C

Room 2 Disk-connected Presents ‘Space Book’ Dubstep/UK Garage
DJ’sEmalkay (Boka Records)

With support from the likes of Amon Tobin, Scratch Perverts, Freq-nasty and Mary Anne Hobbs as well as prominent dubsteppers Benga and N-type, emalkay has proven himself to be one of the most influential pioneers of the heavier dubstep sound.

Emile (Eardrum/SpaceBook), Vega (Nex Level/SpaceBook), Gravity (UKG set) (Raveology/SpaceBook), Gold (UKG set) (Coologik/SpaceBook)

Tickets -
Limited Early Birds = £6 (only from
Advance Tickets = £10 / More on the door

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