Monday, 20 October 2008

Dubstep For Obama - 4th Nov

Election Night - Tuesday 4th November 2008.

Sadly we can only vote for the likes of David Cameron and Gordon Brown. Hoooray!
However, we can still show our support to Mr Obama."HOW?", I hear you cry.
DUBSTEP FOR OBAMA, of course. Alcohol, friendly people, wobbles, bass and a heavy, heavy night of heavy, heavy monster sounds.

All for one of the most excting politicians in modern history. So PLEASE; support both movements. Featuring heavy tunes from the inimitable pair of DJ S.I.E and Relatively Unknown, plus the brilliant Boogie Dave, as well as a HUGE SECRET HEADLINER, all in Birmingham for one night only!

So head down to Rooty's at Custard Factory to show your support and have a hectic night - it's only £3 in and you won't regret it!

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dj_sie - SBC said...

The Secret Headliner is MASSIVE !!

Big Up