Monday, 20 October 2008

Welcome to the all new Birmingham Dubstep Community!!

Welcome to The Birmingham Dubstep Community, or for short: BDC.
The aim of this community is to promote the genre of music formally known as Dubstep to the people of Birmingham! Not only that but we want to aid local producers and DJ's to step up and advertise their nights and events so that people from in and around Birmingham are upto date with exactly whats on in Brum as far as Dubsteps Concerned!

What is Dubstep?

Wiki tells us:
"Dubstep is a genre of electronic music that has its roots in London's early 2000s UK garage scene. The name of the genre was coined by Ammunition Promotions. Musically, dubstep is distinguished by its dark mood, sparse rhythms, and emphasis on bass."

As well as posting all the large nights in and around Brum on our site from such venue's as the Custard factory, Air, The Rainbow Warehouse and many more, we also will be advertising local pub gigs you guys might have booked.

And of course... We will run compo's every now and again to get those new albums and event tickets rolling so there's no excuse not to sign up!


Anything and everything to do with Dubstep and Birmingham will be available on this page!

As well as the above we will also do all the hunting and running around to grab the best pics of these events and upload them to the site for your viewing pleasure. You never know... You might be able to spot yourself raving away like a little mental person waiting for those little round pills!

And dont forget all the latest news, gossip and general day to day chatter!

Either way... Sign Up... Log-On... Post... But most of all.... ENJOY!

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